Learning & Development Challenges That Microlearning Can Tackle

Creating, maintaining, and monitoring training activities can be a cumbersome task. Long modules take a significant amount of time to craft. Plus, when they become outdated, all necessary updates have to be completed before the module can be reissued. This can make taking the course down for a period a necessity, making all of the information within unavailable to employees. 

Plus, lengthy courses are hard to integrate into a professional’s busy schedule. To make matters worse, many modules will contain details that aren’t relevant to every employee’s role, causing some to waste time reviewing content that doesn’t provide them with any value. 

But, by using the microlearning approach, many of these challenges can be addressed quickly, creating a better learning experience for everyone involved. If you are wondering how microlearning tackles those issues, here’s what you need to know. 

Facilitate Faster Updates 

Microlearning involves breaking down complex topics into a series of bite-sized chunks. Each piece becomes its own module, a separate entity from the other segments. Since every subject is divided from the others, updates are more convenient to manage. You only have to update one tiny piece at a time. Plus, any modules that don’t need to be adjusted can remain up, allowing employees to keep training in those areas. 

Eliminate Unnecessary Training from Employee’s Plates 

With microlearning, you can create pathways that relate directly to each job. If a module is relevant, you can add it to the employee’s list. If it isn’t, the learner won’t even see it. 

As a result, learners get to focus on relevant training while bypassing everything that doesn’t provide them with value. They can move more quickly and remain engaged, creating a better learning paradigm. 

Identify and Fill Knowledge Gaps with Ease 

eLearning platforms make it possible to monitor learner participation with ease. You can gather data that allows you to identify any knowledge gaps that may exist in each team, alerting you that additional training might be necessary. 

Plus, if a gap is discovered, you can create a microlearning module that addresses it specifically. You don’t need to update another course. Instead, you start fresh, creating a section that addresses the gap head-on. 

Make Training Convenient for Even the Busiest of Learners 

Lengthy training sessions are hard to work into most learner’s schedules. With microlearning, each module can be just five, ten, or 15 minutes long. This makes them incredibly convenient to squeeze into the workday, increasing the odds that you’ll achieve full participation. 

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