Why eLearning Is the Perfect Solution for Compliance Training

Compliance training is a necessity for many companies. Often, there are strict rules regarding how often these courses must be completed and who must participate. Failing to manage compliance training properly, as a result, can come with serious consequences. 

The old way of conducting training often isn’t ideal for compliance courses. Coordinating an in-person trainer, arranging for the venue, the cost of getting employees to the site, and the amount of required seat time are all burdensome. However, by using an eLearning platform to offer compliance training, you can avoid many of those frustrations. If you are wondering why eLearning is the perfect solution for compliance training, here’s what you need to know. 

eLearning is Immersive 

Classroom learning is a passive experience. Learners sit back and listen to the instructor most of the time. The only time the trainee gets involved is if they have a question or if the trainer happens to ask for input. 

With eLearning, the experience is significantly more immersive. You can incorporate branching scenarios, sprinkle in quizzes, present interactive scenarios, include sound effects, and much more. You can mimic real-world situations, increasing the value created by the training. 

Plus, if an employee makes a mistake, there’s no penalty. They can review the module’s scenario and learn from the misstep, increasing the odds that it won’t occur in the real world later. 

eLearning is Engaging 

Sitting in a classroom for one, two, or more days gets tiring. Staying focused on what the trainer is saying gets harder as the training goes on, and you can almost guarantee that every learner accidentally misses at least one critical point. 

With eLearning, engagement is part of the equation. The interactive nature of the coursework makes it easier to concentrate on what is being taught. 

Plus, you can divide the full compliance training experience into a series of microlearning lessons. Participants can hop in, do a section or two, and then take a break. Since you’re only asking that they focus for five to ten minutes at a time, even the busiest of professionals can usually make it happen. 

eLearning Promotes Productivity  

Coordinating to have a group of employees go to a training seminar at the same time is challenging. Additionally, it means that you are short-staffed for the entire duration, harming overall productivity. 

With eLearning, you don’t have to deal with arranging for a team to be gone at the same time. It can be weaved into even the busiest of schedules and doesn’t require anyone to go off-site. As a result, productivity can remain higher than if everyone went away to a seminar. 

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