Building the Right L&D Team
When you need to craft a strong learning and development (L&D) team, gathering the right mix of professionals can feel like a challenge. If a single piece of the puzzle isn’t an ideal fit, you could struggle to meet your training objectives and organizational development goals.
Luckily, it is possible to build the right L&D team for your needs. Here’s how to get started.
Select the Right Instructional Designers
When hiring instructional designers, it is imperative that you choose professionals who are willing to integrate the curriculum with tech-based delivery. While classroom-style learning can have its place, technology is often the foundation of an effective training program. Otherwise, coordinating learning activities can be particularly cumbersome, disrupting the flow of your employees’ day, requiring lengthy sessions to make the effort worthwhile, and harming your organizational development objectives. Before you hire an instructional designer, examine their previous experience to see if they embrace technology as a delivery mechanism. If not, then they might not support your modernization efforts, something that can be detrimental to the success of your training program.
Don’t Neglect Mobile When Hiring eLearning Developers
Today’s younger workers favor their mobile devices over traditional desktops and laptops. Additionally, as workplaces continue to embrace employee mobility, smartphones and tablets are often easier to carry, increasing the odds that employees rely on them on the road. When you hire an eLearning developer, you need to make sure that they are adept at mobile development. Whether this involves creating web-based experiences that are also mobile-friendly or crafting Android or iOS apps that can support your modules depends on your preferences. However, they should have skills in at least one of those areas, ensuring they can create solutions that work on mobile platforms.
Find Content Specialists with the Ideal Approach to Learning
Thanks to the internet and social media, many people are used to gathering new information in bite-sized pieces instead of something lengthy. Not only can this make it easier to digest the information, but it also makes it easier to fit into a busy lifestyle. Before you hire a content specialist, you need to make sure that they are able to meet these preferences through the creation of suitably sized snippets for your organizational development programs. Often, this means they need to be concise when creating modules, making the content more scannable. Additionally, they need to be adept at breaking larger learning goals down into the smallest possible pieces, allowing each learning segment to focus on a single point or objective to make it more manageable.
Find Skilled Consultants to Support Scalability
Often, a company’s training and development needs shift over time. This can make maintaining a right-sized L&D team challenging, especially if you constantly have to add and remove employees based on the fluctuations. However, by partnering with skilled consultants, you can scale up or pair down your efforts at a moment’s notice. The consultants can come in to support your existing team or act in place of a permanent staff, giving you the ability to keep costs down while accomplishing your objectives.
Are You Ready to Partner with Leading L&D Consultants?
If your L&D team needs additional support, the consultants at Clarity Consultants can work directly with your staff and company leaders to create learning solutions based on your unique needs. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants today and see how our services can help you achieve all of your training development goals.

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