Changing Review Process

Employee reviews are common in nearly every business. They allow managers to assess a team member’s performance, provide guidance to help them excel, and even reward them for exceeding expectations.

However, few companies provide their staff with a chance to review the organization and its leadership team. This means that issues within management may not be discovered until harm is done, such as costing you a talented new hire.

By flipping your review process, you create an opportunity for a win-win. Not only can your team express themselves openly, making them feel heard and valued, but you also have a chance to improve the business at every level.

If you want to learn more about flipping your review process, here’s what you need to know.

The Benefits of Flipping Your Review Process

Over time, many managers incidentally develop blind spots. Once an approach becomes a habit, most leaders don’t give them a second thought.

However, what worked in the past may not be ideal if you want a prosperous future. After all, employee expectations change, environments and cultures shift, and the traditions of yesteryear can become hindrances to growth and success.

By soliciting feedback from your staff, you can gain insights by tapping into an outsider’s perspective. Your workers won’t have the same blind spots, so they can help you assess yours more effectively at times.

Plus, it makes the company’s success collaborative. Everyone feels like their input can shape the future of the business, creating a sense of loyalty, belonging, and even ownership. Over time, this can create a positive culture, making the workplace more pleasant and productive.

How to Flip Your Review Process

Flipping your review process does require some effort. First, some employees may feel nervous about reviewing members of management or company processes openly, so creating an anonymous feedback option may be wise. Give your team a forum where they can present and discuss their concerns or recommendations without their names being attached. This can encourage honesty as they may be less fearful of repercussions.

However, don’t be afraid to use other approaches as well. For example, town hall meetings, feedback sessions, and surveys can also be beneficial for gathering information. Just make sure to maintain an open mind during discussions and focus on active listening. This ensures your staff feels heard and respected.

Then, if the feedback creates an opportunity for positive action, share your plans with your employees as well. This lets them know that their input was valued and impactful, which can increase morale.

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