DE&I Leadership Training Is Under the Spotlight. How Do You Provide the Right Training for Your Business?
Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) have long been in the spotlight, and many companies are actively striving to improve their performance in these areas. While, initially, the focus was predominately on hiring practices, the situation has since changed. DE&I leadership training is now under the spotlight. With DE&I leadership training, organizations have the ability to do more than just improve recruitment; they can create environments and cultivate cultures where everyone feels welcome and supported. Additionally, they can ensure fair treatment by members of the leadership team, guaranteeing that employees get appropriate access to high-profile work, training, and advancement opportunities. However, as an emerging area, not all companies know the best way to implement a DE&I training strategy. If you aren’t sure how to begin, here’s a look at how you can provide the right DE&I leadership training for your business.

Have Well-Defined, Multi-Stage Goals

When it comes to DE&I leadership training, you can’t cover every potential matter that should be discussed in a single course. Overall, the landscape is far too vast. Since that’s the case, you’ll need to embrace another strategy, often a multi-faceted one that’s designed with continuous development and growth in mind. Generally speaking, effective DE&I leadership training isn’t created overnight. Instead, you need to spend time developing well-defined, multi-stage goals relating to the program. This includes key performance indicators (KPIs) you’d like to target and subject areas you’d like to broach. Once you have some initial KPIs and topics, you’ll need to connect those points to your broader company mission and values. By doing so, you enhance the intrinsic value of the learning experience, as well as further shape your employer brand. Then, prioritize the targets. That allows you to create a multi-stage rollout plan, giving you a chance to hone processes to achieve success and then build upon that as you move toward other objectives.

Focus on Extended Delivery

Since making DE&I part of an ongoing conversation can lead to real change, it’s typically best to plan for an extended delivery schedule for related training. In many ways, you want to use practices similar to a drip ad campaign, coupling it with microlearning. By delivering bite-sized courses regularly, you make DE&I part of a larger narrative. It ensures a one-and-done mentality doesn’t end up part of the equation, increasing the odds that any lessons stick. In many cases, the exact delivery schedule will vary depending on your company’s unique needs. However, it’s best to ensure the courses regularly occur if you want optimal effectiveness.

Embrace Multiple Learning Modalities

Typically, DE&I leadership training is most effective when several learning approaches are involved. Combining lectures with scenarios, discussions, and other techniques that focus on active participation yields better results than lectures alone. It ensures leaders play a role in the experience, increasing knowledge retention.

Do You Need to Develop DE&I Training for Your Organization?

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