2022 Corporate Training Trends
With every new year comes new trends. With 2022 a little more than halfway finished, some of 2022s biggest corporate training trends are still making waves. Plus, additional ones continue emerging, partially in response to how the working world continues to change post-pandemic. By learning about corporate training trends, your organization can embrace best practices and emerging processes designed to enhance the experience and boost results. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are a few 2022 corporate training trends that should be on your radar.

Microlearning Keeps Shrinking

Overall, microlearning isn’t a new concept. However, this bite-sized educational approach is changing, with modules continuing to shrink. Primarily, this is because the old way of approaching corporate training – where employees engaged in learning activities for hours at a time – isn’t ideal today. Instead, workers need the ability to squeeze learning around other responsibilities. By making microlearning modules smaller, even less than ten minutes in length, employees can engage in learning far more often. That size makes it easy to fit training in right before breaks, when starting longer tasks isn’t ideal, between meetings, and at other times that may otherwise go wasted. Plus, it can help with the battle against burnout. When you’re asking for just a few minutes at a time, employees can take a break whenever the need arises.

Increased Learning Flexibility

Currently, many companies are re-introducing in-person training in their workplaces. However, that doesn’t mean they’re fully abandoning the remote options that got them through the pandemic. Instead, organizations are incorporating the various options. Additionally, they’re giving employees the ability to choose among the strategies, ensuring they can use a path that best meets their needs. Overall, 2022 is the rise of flexible blended learning, a methodology that brings together the best of remote and in-person training while giving employees more options. It maximizes impact through personalization, leading to increasingly strong training outcomes.

AI-Supported Personalization

Another personalization-related trend is that companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) to create adaptive learning pathways designed with each employee’s unique needs. The approach is relatively new, so it’s yet to reach its full potential. However, it’s already dramatically increasing learning efficiency, ensuring courses are selected in accordance with each employee’s distinct needs factored into the equation. In many cases, existing competency is used to determine what coursework employees may need, ensuring no one has to spend time training a skill or knowledge area they’ve already developed. Additionally, these systems make adjustments based on a person’s job, allowing them to focus on materials that provide the utmost value. Ultimately, it leads to a notable uptick in efficiency, all while ensuring optimal results.

Are You Ready to Update Your Training Based on 2022 Corporate Learning Trends?

In some cases, embracing corporate learning trends can help you improve training outcomes and stay ahead of the competition. If you want to remain on the cutting edge, there’s still time to make 2022s trends work for you. At Clarity, we have nearly 30 years of experience in L&D, giving us the knowledge and expertise to update your training in accordance with emerging corporate learning trends. Plus, if you need to expand your internal L&D team, Clarity can be your candidate search ally, making it easier to find top talent right when you need them. If you want to partner with leading L&D professionals, Clarity Consultants is here. Contact us today.   This is 12 1  

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