Classroom Learning Is Alive and Thriving in the Corporate World
Classroom Learning Is Alive and Thriving in the Business World

While online training options have become increasingly popular, classroom learning is still a major presence in the business world. Classroom experiences do offer some benefits that online programs often lack. As a result, they can be a better approach under specific circumstances.

If you are wondering why classroom learning is still alive and thriving in the business world, here’s what you need to know.

Classroom Learning Fosters Relationships

Even if your online platform allows your employees to interact during training, that experience doesn’t measure up to in-person interactions. When in a classroom, participants can engage in real-time, assess each others’ moods and emotions, and take part in lively discussions, all things that can be hard to replicate online.

As a result, your employees can foster stronger relationships. They will understand one another better and have faced a challenge together, both of which can lead to more meaningful connections and bonds.

While transitioning from a traditional learning experience to a facilitated classroom can be challenging, it is an avenue worth exploring. Facilitation gives every participant a chance to get involved and express their ideas, creating a more team-oriented environment. Additionally, facilitators are trained in areas like managing group dynamics, strategic planning, and conflict resolution, allowing them to share their insights in these critical areas to spur additional growth.

Face Time Can Be Critical for Success

Classroom learning allows employees to have face time, both with each other and the instructor. By working together in-person, participants who are struggling have greater access to assistance than they would if they were taking courses solely online. Plus, it can make working together as a group more streamlined since everyone is in the same physical location at the same time and focused on the same objectives.

Fewer Distractions to Interrupt Learning

While online learning can be incredibly convenient, it is also very easy for the experience to be interrupted. If an employee is completing a module at their work desk, a ringing phone, email notification, or coworker stopping by can all disrupt their learning.

Distractions can harm knowledge acquisition and retention. Additionally, if the disruptions are frequent, the employee may be repeating the same sections of a module repeatedly, having to make several attempts to actually get to the end because of the various distractions.

Classroom learning typically limits distractions. It takes place in a designated space which can usually be closed off to others. Plus, there can be rules – such as no phones or emailing while the course is in session – that can prevent various forms of interruptions, allowing everyone to focus on the task at hand.

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