3 Ways to Engage with Learners in Your Corporate Training Seminar
Learner engagement is one of the most important metrics by which you can gauge the success of any chosen training topic. Without engagement, the chances of your learners retaining and using their new skills and knowledge outside the classroom are limited at best. Make sure your employees can fully benefit from the important lessons their training offers by building engagement in these ways.
Encourage Engagement with Fun and Humor
Dry lectures are very easy to forget and not high on the list of engaging lesson plans. Make sure your trainers know that to connect with their trainees, they should feel free to incorporate a little humor into their day. Trainees are unlikely to be enthusiastic if they anticipate a dry or dull session. Rather, they want to learn practical information in a realistic yet fun manner. A little entertainment will go a long way toward building engagement and encouraging retention. Consider using several different training methods to shake things up and keep the lessons interesting. Humor can go a long way toward building enthusiasm as well. But keep in mind that as humor is notoriously subjective, jokes may easily offend and lose ground with a group. Rather, focus on personal, self-deprecating humor to safely engage and relax your trainees.
Encourage Participation
Just as lectures can be ineffective if they are boring, they will fail to deliver the lesson if the topic is not made personal to the trainees. This takes knowledge and context on behalf of the trainee, but the reality of the lesson should be made clear within the environment within which the employees would use the information or skills taught. A great way to bring a lesson to life is to have trainees actively participate. Create scenarios in which students can see first-hand how the information being shared will impact their daily lives.  Then help them build confidence by creating win-win micro-lessons where attendees can test out their new knowledge and skills. Participation will encourage engagement and retention in the long run.
Solicit Feedback
Remember, you have as much to learn from your trainees as they must learn from the lesson. By asking for and acting on feedback that you receive from the students after they create a training module, you can improve upon the seminar for better results in the future. The effectiveness of a training program depends in large part on the receptiveness of the students, so hearing from them firsthand about what worked and what didn’t will help you design and implement more engaging seminars in the future.
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To summarize, when developing an effective corporate training seminar, you should focus on driving engagement as much as delivering a lesson. For assistance crafting a learning program that delivers high-quality results, connect with the experts at Clarity Consultants today.

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