Workplace Issues

Conflict Management for Leaders

While we may wish for our organizations to run in perfect harmony, the truth is that a diversity of voices will inevitably give rise to conflict. And that’s not always a bad thing—in fact, conflict management isn’t simply about nipping disagreements in the bud. It’s about minimizing the negative impact of conflict (lower employee engagement and morale, decreased productivity) while drawing out the positive aspects (generating new ideas, creative problem-solving, opportunities for growth).
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Instructional Design

5 eLearning Habits to Break Now

You know successful eLearning when you see it—but when a course flops, you might find yourself wondering what went wrong. Many course failures are not due to bad designers so much as designers who have developed a number of short-cut habits along the way.
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Instructional Design

4 Ways to Use Social Media in the Classroom

Social media is not just for fun anymore—it has become a powerful instrument for teaching, enhancing instructor impact in both eLearning and classroom-based environments. In fact 41% of instructors report using social media as a teaching tool.
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Workplace Issues

The 4-1-1 on Section 508

The most important part of developing an online course is also the part most often overlooked: making the content equally available to all learners, including those who have disabilities that impact the way they use technology.
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