What Obstacles Can Impact Corporate Learning Strategies Hurdle?
Certain obstacles within your organization can have a negative impact on productivity, profitability, and professional development. With the latter, the hurdles prevent the curation of a robust internal talent pipeline, making it difficult to mold the leaders of tomorrow. Plus, obstacles can harm your company culture, leading to recruitment, retention, and morale issues. Fortunately, impactful corporate learning strategies can overcome and ensure obstacles don’t prevent growth and sustainability.

How Can Corporate Learning Strategies Help Business Address Problems?

Common Corporate Learning Obstacles

Specific obstacles are prevalent in the business world, hindering learning within the organizations. One prime example is rigid hierarchies. When employees have to navigate through convoluted layers to get permission to participate in training or share ideas, development is stymied. Plus, it reinforces an “us and them” mentality, harming your culture. Adopting a one-size-fits-all mentality about training is another major obstacle. The assumption that all professionals benefit best from a specific learning approach limits opportunities to only those who learn best from that approach. Plus, requiring the same courses for all employees means many professionals are wasting time on unnecessary training, reducing engagement and creating inefficiencies. A lack of investment in training is also a significant issue. Your learning and development (L&D) program is only effective if you’re providing your workforce with the right tools and systems. Without investing in learning, you’ll struggle to offer what your employees need to acquire new skills. Information siloes are another common obstacle. When data is hoarded, intentionally or otherwise, it prevents other employees from gaining critical insights that may allow them to perform their roles better. Additionally, it limits learning opportunities through information restriction. Finally, a highly risk-averse culture could hinder learning. Learning often involves a degree of risk since exploring the unknown comes with the territory. If your company eschews risk at every turn, it may create a culture where even logical risks aren’t supported, reducing opportunities for growth and development.

Designing Impactful Corporate Learning Strategies That Hurdle Obstacles

Avoiding the obstacles above is reasonably simple once you’re aware of them. Begin by ensuring training is highly accessible, reducing the need for employees to navigate several leadership layers to get approval. Additionally, offer an array of learning options, ensuring workers can choose pathways that align with their needs. Invest in eLearning technology, particularly mobile-friendly micro-learning options that allow for training on the go. Break down information siloes through cross-training opportunities and policy changes, and adjust your culture to welcome risks when they’re reasonable. If you use that strategy, you eliminate obstacles that slow learning within your organization. Plus, you create a stronger culture, one where growth and development can thrive.

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