What Makes Blended and Online Learning So Successful for Your Sales Professionals?
Continuous training is essential for your sales professionals. Along with staying current on your company’s products or services, they need a strong skill set that propels them forward. By offering the right training opportunities, you can ensure that they hone crucial capabilities while also keeping them informed about new product or service developments. While in-person training is certainly an option, gathering up your sales team for a course isn’t always practical. Many sales professionals spend a significant amount of time away from the office, participating in off-site product or service demonstrations, interacting with prospective clients, and more. Instead, blended and online learning is often a better choice. If you’re wondering what makes blended and online learning so successful for your sales professionals, here’s what you need to know.

The Benefits of Blended and Online Learning for Sales Professionals

As mentioned above, many sales professionals spend a significant amount of time in the field. Since being away from the office is vital for their roles, asking them to all gather at the same time for training isn’t ideal. It pulls them away from their core duties, disrupting the flow of the department. With blended and online learning, you have a mobile component to the broader training mechanism. Online learning can typically be done at any time and from any location with an internet connection. As a result, sales professionals can participate using their laptop or smartphone when it’s convenient for them, such as between client meetings. If you combine online learning with the micro-learning approach, it’s even more efficient. Since the material is divided into bite-sized chunks, your sales team can squeeze in modules whenever they have a spare few minutes. Plus, the micro-learning process makes complex topics easier to digest, increasing knowledge retention. However, by ensuring it’s also a blended learning model, you aren’t entirely foregoing the in-person experience. Instead, you’re simply limiting the need for in-office training, focusing purely on situations where in-person attendance is highly beneficial or critical. For example, you could schedule product demonstrations for upcoming releases as classroom-based training, ensuring everyone has a chance to interact with the product. Then, follow-up can occur through online courses. Ultimately, blended and online learning for sales professionals is about convenience and versatility. It ensures that training goals are met without any of the challenges created by constantly gathering in person. As a result, they’ll be able to spend more time learning and being productive, allowing them to stay current while achieving their sales goals.

Do You Need to Update Your Training to Help Your Sales Professionals Excel?

Having up-to-date blended and online learning programs is essential if you want your sales team to thrive. By introducing the right materials and presenting them in the proper way, you can ensure that your sales professionals excel. At Clarity, we have nearly 30 years of experience in L&D, giving us the knowledge and expertise to update your training approaches efficiently. Plus, if you’re trying to expand your internal L&D team, Clarity can be your candidate search ally, connecting you with top talent right when you need them. This is 12 1

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