Make Your Corporate Training More Like MacGyver
MacGyver is known for a style of creative thinking and problem solving that can get his character out of a tight spot with little more than chewing gum and a paper clip. That ingenuity and critical thinking can be directly applied to your learning and development programs for greater outcomes. How?
Use Old Tools in New Ways
Think about your tried and true training materials. Is there a presentation that used to be a hit but which could use a little dusting off? Do you have some basic material that is still relevant, if dated? Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the tools you have just because they’re old or obvious. Think creatively about how they can be refreshed to make trainings more engaging, more interesting, and help bring the lesson to life. Feel free to get creative. Consider using social media or forums to supplement the corporate training process. Test out micro-learning opportunities to see if more frequent training helps land the lesson better. Videos, how-to guides, even blogs are all innovative forms of content that can have a surprisingly effective outcome when positioned correctly. MacGyver would see the value in making use of common materials to deliver solid learning opportunities.
Solve Complex Problems with Simple Solutions
The KISS principle is particularly relevant to training methodology. KISS stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid” and it states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated. MacGyver knew that in most cases, the best solution is the simplest one. When thinking through your training methodology, don’t let complexity hinder progress. Keep training simple and to the point to make sure you get your message and the lesson across. Complex problems often are mistaken for having complex solutions. But with the tools of self-reliance and critical thinking, we often see that the simplest solution is the best solution. This holds especially true for learning and development. If one employee encounters a scenario that would benefit from some training, don’t let the solution outgrow the problem. Keep it simple, and provide the learning opportunities where they are most needed and most effective.
Have a Sense of Humor
 MacGyver was known for the ability to keep a level head in all situations, and maintain a sense of humor and humility through even the most stressful of scenarios. Similarly, trainers should strive to keep their presentations light and engaging, no matter how deep the subject. An engaging tone and a little humor can go a long way toward keeping the attention of the trainees and helping them better understand and internalize the lesson.
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