Train Your Customers Using eLearning Modules
[feat-img-left] Many businesses struggle to provide their customers with useful, easy to consume information about how to use their products and services. Standard documentation such as user guides and online manuals can be a good place to start, but most of these lack the interactive and visual elements that would give a more complete understanding to customers. Instead, they contact your business for direct assistance, consuming company resources in the process. You can offer your customers an alternative source of information that will free them from confusing product manuals and improve your bottom line in the process. eLearning modules can provide an easy solution to your customer product training issues. Of course, when most business professionals think about eLearning services, they think about their employee training needs. eLearning services can do so much more. Professional training modules can also be an excellent customer relationship tool for your business.


Many products and services can be challenging for new customers to use and, in failing to use them effectively, they’ll be dissatisfied. Using eLearning modules, you can ensure the ease of use and effectiveness of your products and services by giving customers a thorough understanding of them. This will enhance their experience with your products and services, strengthening your relationship with them. The trick is to provide teaching tools customers want to use and that are clear and easy to understand. Take a quick look at some of the benefits you could see from using eLearning modules to educate your customers:
  • Improved use of your products and services
  • Fewer inquiries made to customer service and troubleshooting departments
  • Easier learning curve for customers
  • Quicker buy-in for customers adopting your products and services
  • Enhanced outcomes for your customers
  • Enriched perception of the value of your products and services
  • Better brand loyalty
  • Increased sales of your additional product and service offerings


An ineffective eLearning module, like an ineffective product or service, is going to do more harm to your business than good. It is important that the designer of your eLearning modules understands your products and services and the specific goals of your training. Getting a person with the right skill set to effectively impart the lessons in a clear, concise, easy to follow way is critical. Some examples of what can make an eLearning module ineffective include:
  • Taking too long to view in one sitting
  • Teaching irrelevant material
  • An unprofessional appearance causing it to lack credibility
  • Introducing topics prematurely or in an illogical order causing confusing
  • Poorly labeling them making it hard to find specific information customers are looking for
  • Hosting them on sites that provide poor viewing quality

Making It Work

If you want to improve your customers’ experience of your products and services, and enhance their relationship with your business by providing eLearning modules, you’re going to need the help of an experienced instructional designer. By relying on someone versed in the nuances of adult learning to provide these services, you can maximize the benefits of an effective eLearning system and minimize the risk of creating a failed module. By combining the expertise of learning and development specialists with the capabilities of your in-house marketing and production teams, you can ensure your customers have a great experience that builds your brand for many purchases to come.
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