The Best Project Management Tools for L&D
Learning and development (L&D) professionals rarely handle projects entirely independently. Instead, it’s far more common to work as part of a larger L&D project team. As a result, having reliable tools to coordinate efforts, track deliverables, and streamline communication is typically essential. While there are plenty of project management software solutions that can work well for any industry, they may not include functionality that L&D teams may need to tackle projects. Fortunately, there are many options that are geared toward the L&D project landscape, either by handling every aspect of L&D project management internally or integrating with popular solutions to cover gaps. Here’s a look at some of the best project management tools for L&D.

The Best Project Management Tools for L&D

iSpring Suite

With iSpring Suite, you get a robust course-authoring platform with a comprehensive feature set to streamline training creation. Along with multi-device compatibility, iSpring Suite can integrate with a range of learning management system (LMS) solutions. One benefit of iSpring Suite is its included online team workspaces. With that tool, teams can coordinate their efforts, track contributions, and ensure that team-oriented targets are met as course design moves forward.


ProofHub is a cloud-based solution that centralizes collaboration and L&D project management. From project planning to task assignment and from brainstorming to document access, ProofHub can handle it all. Plus, ProofHub is a flexible, feature-rich option. For added convenience, it’s accessible through web browsers and a companion app, ensuring L&D team members can remain engaged with projects while on the go.


Docebo is a feature-rich LMS that simplifies course creation through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Along with course delivery, Docebo supports social learning, which can enhance knowledge acquisition and retention. From the project management perspective, Docebo shines thanks to its integration capabilities. It’s compatible with Slack, Zoom, Google Drive, and other popular communication and document-sharing solutions, centralizing critical team efforts in a single platform.


Trainual focuses on knowledge sharing, particularly related to onboarding. The centralized dashboard simplifies training content management, role-based training pathways, and more. On the project management side of the equation, Trainual integrates with popular solutions like Asana and Slack. As a result, it can help centralize collaborative communication and support task tracking for L&D teams.

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