Successful L&D Project Managers Have These Skills
Managing learning and development (L&D) projects are often challenging. However, having a skilled project manager makes the process more straightforward. Ideally, you want to ensure that your L&D project manager has specific capabilities as they increase their odds of success. Here’s a look at the skills all successful L&D project managers share.


Without a strong leader, project teams may struggle to move forward cohesively. As a result, leadership is a fundamental skill all L&D project managers must possess. Besides providing guidance, project managers must be decisive, authentic, and transparent to achieve the best result.


Communication is essential when overseeing project teams. With strong communication, L&D project managers can guide others, explain decisions, incorporate new ideas, and answer questions effectively, allowing projects to move forward cohesively. Plus, the project manager is better equipped to inform stakeholders, which is a vital part of the equation.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning allows L&D project managers to outline how the project will unfold. Additionally, it ensures they effectively factor in risks, develop contingencies, and create appropriate timelines for completion. Strategic planning can also limit the impact of scope creep, as the project is well-defined from the beginning.


Most L&D projects have a lot of moving parts and large teams. As a result, effective L&D project managers need exceptional organizational skills. Along with tracking progress, they need to coordinate deliverables and monitor deadlines effectively, all of which require organization.

Conflict Resolution

Even with solid leadership, conflicts within a project team often arise. Since that’s the case, L&D project managers need solid conflict resolution skills. That ensures the project manager can de-escalate situations as necessary and find mutually acceptable solutions quickly, keeping the project on target.


Even with a solid initial plan, projects often change as they unfold. L&D project managers must be adaptable, ensuring they can adjust when changes are required without unnecessary struggles or downtime.


Creating and following a budget is commonly essential for a project’s success. Since that’s the case, finding an L&D project manager adept at designing and adhering to a budget is a must in most cases.


L&D project managers that try to handle more tasks than they should often cause timelines to lengthen. Fortunately, effective delegation can eliminate this issue. By efficiently doling out the associated work, no one is overburdened, leading to greater overall efficiency.


The ability to problem-solve effectively can determine whether a project fails or succeeds. With strong problem-solving skills, project managers can quickly identify viable solutions, ensuring the project remains on schedule and delivers the desired result. At Clarity, we have  over 30 years of experience in L&D, giving us the knowledge and expertise to provide support and guidance to ensure your L&D projects move forward seamlessly. Clarity can be your candidate search ally if you’re trying to expand your internal L&D team, connecting you with top talent when needed. Contact us today.    

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