How Positivity Impacts Employee Retention

It’s no secret that happy employees are more productive. Additionally, when workers experience a high level of job satisfaction, they aren’t as likely to seek out opportunities elsewhere. As a result, retention rates improve.

Maintaining a positive work environment is a big part of keeping employees happy and satisfied while at work. However, what it takes to do that goes far beyond simply having a good attitude. If you want to learn more about positivity and its impact on retention, here’s what you need to know.

Attitude is Part of the Equation

When people picture a positive work environment, they usually focus on the attitudes of employees and management. After all, being surrounded by critical naysayers isn’t pleasant for anyone and can breed doubt and discontentment.

While this doesn’t mean everyone needs to maintain a fake smile 24/7, it does mean that any criticism needs to be constructive and based on fact. Everyone should focus on providing feedback that promotes growth and success, not tearing each other down. By taking this approach, your team will see the value in your input while they learn and grow professionally.

However, if you allow your feedback to be purely negative and overly personal, morale will tumble. Even if what you are saying has some level of validity, it promotes negativity, and that isn’t going to help retention.

Stress is a Big Factor

Every position comes with some level of stress. For example, merely having a deadline (even when it is reasonable) adds a pressure point. However, stress to that degree isn’t usually problematic and can actually be beneficial.

In contrast, having your team work 12-hour days to keep up with overly tight deadlines can create negative stress, especially if the situation is long-term. Even if you are constantly offering them encouragement and support, the circumstances make maintaining a positive work environment difficult, as the pressure will eventually get to your staff.

Burnout is a leading cause of turnover, so keeping hours reasonable is essential. Similarly, unreasonable expectations only breed fear and frustration, increasing the odds that your best and brightest will seek out opportunities elsewhere.

Appreciation Helps

Even if your workplace isn’t overtly negative, a lack of employee recognition can damage morale. Employees like to know that their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. If management doesn’t take the time to express their gratitude, your team could become resentful.

Anything from a simple “thank you” to a full-fledged recognition event can show your employees that they are appreciated. Make sure that gratitude becomes a core part of your culture. That way, your retention rates can improve.

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