Personalization: The Next Big eLearning Trend?
Personalization has been making waves in the marketing and sales realm for many years. But it’s now also hugely influential in the world of eLearning. Any Learning and Development expert will tell you that a more personalized training and delivery experience will lead to greater success rates and learning outcomes. This new trend is an important one to consider because it is exactly so powerful in generating high-quality learning experiences. Here’s what you need to know about personalization in the context of L&D.
Personalization in Learning
While personalization is having a moment in the world of eLearning, it certainly is no news to the broader learning and education fields. Personalized learning experiences have long been recognized to better meet the specific needs of learners and students across industry boundaries. This process can refer to the content, the delivery style, or even the pace at which content is delivered. The concept is always evolving, and there is still no hard and fast definition of what personalization must be. But the end goal is the same, a personalized learning experience which is tailored specifically to the needs and preferences of the trainee.
High Impact Personalization Techniques
As we see the industry move faster and more broadly into the realm of eLearning, the natural question is what does that look like in a world of personalized learning opportunities? Here are several key ways to make the shift.
Technique 1
Enable personalization within an eLearning course through avatars and customized design elements such as fonts, themes, backgrounds, and more.
Technique 2
Offer customization of the format of content delivery for a broad range of learning styles such as audio, video, written, and experiential learning.
Technique 3
If you are able to really dive deep into the customization pool, consider personalizing learning paths for trainees through customized content, pre-assessments, and surveys. A great example of this is a pre-assessment test used to judge baseline proficiency in a particular subject. This will help tailor your learning program to the appropriate starting point for your individual learners.
Benefits of Personalized eLearning Programs
A training program that makes sense for your learners to invest time in is one that is most likely to receive high retention rates, greater commitment from leadership, and overall greater ROI. Personalized eLearning enables learners to set their own learning paths and get what they need from the program. From a learner’s perspective, this is very empowering. It allows learners to set their own goals, set manageable milestones, explore and design a learning path that makes sense for them, pick the device they will work from, learn at their own pace, pick the right level of interaction they are seeking, and get personalized feedback to assess their progress. This is the most meaningful level of learning that a trainee can ask for. And it’s personalization that helps L&D programs achieve these goals and more.
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From an organizational perspective, personalized eLearning provides benefits such as more engaged learners, higher completion rates, better learner commitment, and a strong learning culture across the organization. By investing in your employees and their ongoing education and development, you will see substantial rewards. For more advice on how to build out a stronger L&D program,  connect with the team at Clarity Consultants today.  

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