Next-Gen Training: Building the Best L&D Team

When you need to build a winning learning and development (L&D) team, composition is key. Not only do you need the ideal positions filled – ensuring that critical skill sets are covered – but you also need to focus on professionals with the right mindset.

Other concerns, like scalability, may also play a role when you are crafting your perfect L&D team. If you aren’t sure how to create your winning team, here’s what you need to know.

Understand the L&D Professional Niches

L&D is a big category. As a result, there are a range of specialties that impact the skill sets of professionals working in those areas. Additionally, each niche needs to be handled differently, ensuring you focus on the right traits when hiring.

For example, your instructional designers need to effectively enhance the learner experience. Whether this involves embracing cutting-edge ideas, like the introduction of various technologies, or a willingness to integrate new concepts into existing platforms, your instructional designers need to be bold.

eLearning developers are responsible for bringing your L&D vision to life. Today, the best developers are as focused on mobile development as they are the alternatives, including web-based delivery. This means they need a high level of familiarity with multiple platforms. Otherwise, they won’t meet your needs.

Finally, content specialists need to know how to convey critical messages in concise yet engaging ways. Today’s learner won’t remain focused for long periods, so knowing how to break down information into bite-size chunks and express the concepts in a way that boosts engagement is essential.

Issues of Scalability

While you may have a consistent need for L&D professionals, most companies have fluctuating requirements. For example, they may need to supplement their staff on a yearly basis, ensuring all annual training is updated as required. Similarly, the introduction of a new department, a change in laws or regulations that impact your business, or similar infrequent events may make having more hands available critical to success.

Companies with successful L&D platforms understand that flexibility and adaptability are essential. Not only does this involve managing costs by right-sizing your staff, but it also includes ensuring that you can access the talent you require quickly should your needs change.

Often, companies opt to bring in short-term or project staff members to deal with increases. Since the relationships are finite by nature, after the work is done, everyone can part ways respectfully.

Bringing in consultants can be highly cost-effective, allowing you to ramp up and scale down without the complexity of adjusting your internal staff. You get flexibility and experience significant cost-savings, allowing you to focus on the project and your company’s long-term goals.

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