Making the Best Modality Decision for Your Content
When creating training, the focus is typically on the content itself. While offering carefully curated content is certainly a must, it’s only part of the broader equation. The modality you select dramatically impacts the learning experience, so you need to choose the right delivery method to ensure effectiveness and engagement. Fortunately, there are several options available, allowing you to select the perfect approach based on your needs and the nature of the content. Here are some tips for making the best modality decision for your content.

Modalities for Different Goals

Modalities for Information Delivery

When the goal of your content is purely to impart knowledge, you need to select a modality that is accessible and engaging. Often, the text-based approach is the default, but it’s often less than ideal when compared to other delivery methods, particularly from an engagement standpoint. Instead, consider audio or visual-heavy alternatives. Infographics are solid choices for simpler concepts or for reinforcing text-based information. Podcasts are often mobile-friendly and highly familiar, which can work in your favor. Animations introduce motion and allow you to showcase examples of concepts in meaningful ways. Group discussions can promote collaboratively learning, while interactive elements can encourage exploration.

Modalities for Skill-Building

With skill-building, you need to use approaches that let learners understand processes and procedures at a different level. Often, demonstration and interaction are critical for this type of learning, so you need to choose modalities that support those needs. Instructor-led training can include demonstrations, including step-by-step walkthroughs coupled with explanations regarding why something is done in a specific way to get the desired result. Interactive walkthroughs can accomplish a similar goal and can be well-suited to many e-learning-focused training approaches. Videos are another way to offer demonstrations, and they’re often mobile-friendly.

Modalities for Behavior Shaping

If your goal is to shape behavior, then you need a different kind of interaction. The idea is to add an exploratory or experimental element in a way that mimics a real-world experience. In many cases, role-playing can work well, particularly if it’s coupled with an instructor who can provide immediate feedback. Interactive scenarios are a popular choice if you need to incorporate the lesson into an e-learning platform, as they can reinforce the same concepts and also provide insights as learners make various choices.

Choosing the Right Modality

As outlined above, different modalities support different goals. As a result, you should consider the type of content and the objectives you’re hoping to achieve, allowing that to serve as the foundation for any decisions regarding content delivery methods.

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