How to Utilize Virtual Learning to Manage Employee Expectations as COVID-19 Vaccinations Roll Out

The impact of COVID-19 on the workplace was, in a word, dramatic. Many professionals suddenly found themselves working from home. Others had to adjust the social distancing, PPE, sanitation, and other new requirements, allowing them to continue in the workplace safely while supporting critical industries.

All of the events of the pandemic fundamentally altered employee expectations. Now that COVID-19 vaccine rollouts are well underway, those expectations are changing again, and that needs to be managed.

Failing to manage employee expectations as companies begin (or continue to) reopen leads to conflict and frustration. Luckily, you can prepare your workforce for what lies ahead, all through the strategic use of virtual learning.

If you are wondering how you can utilize virtual learning to manage employee expectations as they adapt to the new normal, here’s what you need to know.

Reviewing New Safety Protocols

One of the biggest expectations employees will have moving forward is improved safety. They will favor employers that go the extra mile to keep them protected, and they want to know exactly what their employers are doing to ensure their health.

By creating new virtual training to review COVID-19-related safety protocols, you fulfill that need. Plus, you can alleviate fears about how whether the procedures are sufficient or overly cumbersome, ensuring your workforce has a realistic picture of the situation.

Introducing New Technologies

Many of today’s professionals expect to not fully return to the office. At times, this is based purely on continuing safety concerns. In others, it’s because they’ve discovered better work-life balance and boosted productivity, making the work-from-home model beneficial personally and professionally.

Since telecommuting will likely remain part of the paradigm, creating training to introduce collaboration tools, cloud services, remote connections, and similar technologies that facilitate those arrangements is a must. It ensures your workforce can engage with the tech properly, increasing overall efficiency both in and out of the office.

Providing Health and Wellness Information

The workforce today expects more support from their employers. The pandemic was a significant hardship, and they want to know that companies will help them navigate a wide range of challenges, including those that may still lie ahead.

By offering health and wellness digital learning opportunities, you can meet that need. You can provide them with tools to improve their physical and mental health, as well as financial well-being. While the courses may not be work-related, they do facilitate life improvements in a meaningful way. Plus, it shows your employees that you are there for them, meeting a critical expectation.

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