How to Provide Safe and Comfortable In-Person Training as People Return to the Office
Re-opening processes are underway in many industries. As a result, some companies are beginning to transition back to in-person training as part of their workforce development strategy. However, since COVID-19 is still a concern for many, companies need to seize every opportunity to provide their employees with a safe, comfortable in-person training environment. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some tips that can help.

How Are You Addressing Safety Concerns as People Return to the Office?

Ask Employees About Their Needs

Many company leaders may assume that they know what their workforce needs to feel safe and comfortable during in-person training sessions. However, every employee is different. As a result, the odds are fairly high that they’ve overlooked something along the way. Instead of making assumptions, spend time talking to your employees. Find out what steps can make them feel comfortable and safe when gathering together for training. Then, implement every reasonable option, ensuring everyone’s perspective feels respected.

Talk About Safety Openly and Honestly

As you prepare to reintroduce in-person training, talk about safety openly and honestly. Let employees know why various safety precautions are in place and why other approaches aren’t being used. Invite them to ask questions about the processes, ensuring they understand why the decisions were made as they were. Ultimately, transparency is your ally, particularly since different people have varying perspectives on the situation. By having conversations about safety, you give them insights into your thinking, increasing the odds that everyone will comply with new rules.

Reintroduce In-Person Training Slowly

While returning to an in-person training model may be viable, that doesn’t mean you want to transition back quickly. Filling a classroom or conference room to the brim with employees isn’t just going to feel unsafe to many; it’s going to feel oddly crowded, especially in comparison to the social distancing standards most people have been following. Don’t be overzealous with your reintroduction. Instead, proceed in a methodical fashion. Increase class sizes slowly over time, ensuring everyone starts off with a bit more space as they get used to gathering in groups. That way, it will feel more comfortable as class sizes grow.

Keep Alternative Training Options Available

Even if you take reasonable precautions and reintroduce in-person training strategically, not everyone will be comfortable gathering in groups. For example, in-person training may not be wise for employees with certain health conditions or who have immunocompromised people living in their households. Instead of trying to force in-person training or leaving those employees behind, make sure that alternative options are available. Keep eLearning programs operating or use virtual participation methods – like video conferencing software – to allow employees to attend remotely if the need arises. By making the alternatives available, you can ensure that your workforce development plan can move forward. Plus, you’ll be able to keep your employees safe, all while ensuring they can participate comfortably.

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