Onboarding Remote Employees Well

Your onboarding process plays a big role in a remote employee’s long-term success. If the experience is subpar, the new hire may struggle to reach full productivity, especially if this is the first time they’ve worked remotely.

Luckily, there are things you can do to make sure your onboard remote employees properly. Here are some tips to get you started.

Get the Tech in Order

When you bring on a new hire, you have to make sure they have access to the right tools. For remote employees, that often involves tech products and services, including everything from their work laptop to their access credentials for critical resources.

Ideally, you should have the new hire’s tech ready well before their first day. That way, there won’t be any unnecessary delays.

Create a Digital Signature Process

Usually, employees have to complete a ton of paperwork when they first start. However, having new hires print, sign, and scan or mail a bunch of documents isn’t just ridiculously time-consuming, it might not be feasible.

Instead of going that route, sign up for an e-signature tool. That way, the initial paperwork can all be handled online, saving everyone the headache.

Review the Communication Tools

Since the new hire is working remotely, they are going to rely heavily on a range of communication tools. Spend some time reviewing each one, ensuring they know how to reach key colleagues, troubleshoot common connectivity issues, and more.

Ideally, you want to review company email clients, collaboration software, group messaging tools, video conference portals, and softphone programs. That way, they can familiarize themselves with each one quickly.

Set Clear Goals and Expectations

Ambiguity is the enemy when you manage a remote team. Since checking in and providing guidance is more complicated than stopping by their desk, be diligent about setting clear goals and expectations upfront.

When in doubt, go the extra mile. Over-articulate your priorities, create a shared calendar to track their progress, set weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals, and coordinate follow-up one-on-one meetings in advance, preferably at least once a week. That way, you can keep communication channels open while ensuring your expectations are being met.

Coordinate a Virtual Team Meeting

With a virtual team meeting, you can introduce the new hire to their colleagues. Schedule a group video conference so that everyone can introduce themselves and connect a face with a name. This creates a sense of comradery, and that can make working together easier.

Are You Looking for Professionals Who Can Help You Elevate Your Remote Onboarding Experience?

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