How to Enhance the Productivity of Millennials in the Workplace
[feat-img-left]A certain amount of stigma is associated with the millennial generation that is now entering the workforce for the first time. Wisecracks about participation trophies and social media obsessions have negatively influenced the popular impression of the character of millennials. Older generations have expressed doubts regarding their attention span, work ethic, and sense of responsibility. Despite concerns about the millennial generation lacking some traditional skills, millennials have something to offer employers. They boast an entirely different set of abilities and knowledge that people of an older generation may not possess. As a result, mixing generations in the workplace should be accommodated, enabling people of all ages and generations to collaborate as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Here are just a few of the benefits of having Millennials in the workplace:
The Technological Influence
The millennial generation was raised with access to a constant stream of information about the world and the social groups surrounding them. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have conditioned them not only to seek quick satisfaction and constant distraction but, also to be technologically adept and able to process massive amounts of information quickly. Because they are acclimated to this level of awareness, millennials excel at absorbing a lot of data and complex information and assimilating it to solve problems quickly. They are comfortable working in a technological setting and should be the coworkers you turn to when your computer crashes or you lose all of your Excel data. However, these social media tendencies and familiarity also means that millennials are accustomed to instant gratification and short-term tasks. To take optimal advantage of their skills in information processing and technology, employers should assign them individual projects and goals with incremental steps and rewards. Providing clear tasks and guidelines with tangible signs of progress will ensure your millennial employees stay engaged, happy, and productive.
Growing up in an age where they were expected to do a multitude of different tasks and activities well, often with minimal assistance, members of the millennial generation are good at governing their own time and acting as their own boss. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they hold authority in contempt. It is more reflective of a desire for self-autonomy and the ability to control their own schedules and projects. In order to accommodate this streak of independence, colleagues and employers should provide coaching, rather than bossing, to millennials. Millennial employees will be more productive when left largely alone to assimilate information. Managers can simply check-in on them to make sure projects are going well. When millennials are able to work at their own pace, they are more likely to stay engaged with work on a personal level and apply more problem-solving skills to their assignments.
Connected to the Big Picture
As a generation growing up during the globalization era, millennials are very comfortable being in touch with the world as a whole and viewing the purpose of their own actions from a global perspective. Accordingly, millennials may struggle with doing tasks in which they can’t find a compelling reason or ultimate goal. They will be much more comfortable working on projects or assignments that they feel they can connect with on a higher plane To get the most from the millennial generation’s commitment to broader concerns, be sure your millennial workers know the purpose of smaller tasks or projects. By giving them a way to connect their actions with the goals of the company at large, they will be more able and willing to exert their efforts to solve the problem or finish the assignment. Workplace experts have predicted that the millennial generation will be both the most high-maintenance employees and the most productive employees. Despite having very specific needs and tendencies that require adjustments by employers, when provided with the right environment, millennials are exceptionally good at solving problems, gathering information, and taking personal initiative for their tasks. Set them up to succeed, and they will not let you down.

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