How to Come Back to the Workplace Safely

Once the coronavirus outbreak calms, millions of Americans will head back to their workplaces. Even if the buildings are the same ones that they left when the stay-at-home orders went into effect, that doesn’t mean the experience won’t change in the end.

Coming back to work after COVID-19 will require agility. Additionally, a fundamental mindset change could also be necessary, ensuring that businesses can act appropriately if the virus resurges before long-term prevention or treatment options are available.

If you want to know how to come back to the workplace once it’s an option, here’s a look at what may need to happen.

Social Distancing Options

Cramming people close together at work may largely become a thing of the past. Social distancing does impact the spread of viruses, so having options that allow coworkers to maintain a degree of personal space might become essential.

In some cases, allowing more employees to work from home regularly could be sufficient. This reduces the number of people in the workplace, ensuring those that do return to the traditional paradigm have space. Otherwise, ensuring that workstations are separated, keeping workers at least six feet apart, might make a difference.

Updated Cleaning Protocols

Outside of certain industries, sanitizing work areas isn’t a daily occurrence. However, that may need to change as people head back to their workplaces, particularly if the coronavirus isn’t entirely done making its rounds.

Companies may need to construct formal policies that outline sanitation procedures and establish protocols for various scenarios. That way, everyone knows what to do when a coworker falls ill, or a similar concerning event occurs.

Pandemic Training

The coronavirus pandemic caught most companies off-guard. Many organizations didn’t have formal response procedures or business continuity plans for a situation such as the one that unfolded. This made adapting especially difficult.

In light of how devastating a pandemic can be, many companies will need to create formal pandemic training programs to ensure that their teams know what to do should the situation occur again. This can include guidance on business continuity procedures as well as safety training focused on prevention and spread reduction.

Training ensures that everyone knows what to do should COVID-19 resurge, something that is a genuine possibility. That could make the situation easier to manage.

Do You Need L&D Talent That Can Create Your Pandemic Training?

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