How HR Can Improve Retention Through Training
Retention is a significant concern for most organizations, particularly during labor and skill shortages. As a result, finding ways to reduce turnover is a common goal that human resources (HR) can typically actively support. By offering the right training opportunities, HR can have a dramatic impact, leading to significant turnover reduction. Here’s a look at a few ways HR can improve retention through training.

Comprehensive Onboarding Programs

A company’s onboarding program shapes a new hire’s first impression of the organization. Plus, onboarding is an opportunity to set employees up for success starting on day one, leading to a better overall experience. New hires are engaged early by having a robust onboarding program that involves far more than new hire paperwork and a short facility tour. Focus on designing a plan that extends for 90 days or more. Include a mix of formal training that’s role-specific with the strategic addition of duties and responsibilities. This ensures employees feel informed enough to do their job and are introduced to their tasks methodically over time, making it less likely they’ll become overwhelmed. Additionally, incorporating mentorship and coaching from a manager gives new hires a chance to forge relationships. These connections make their tasks more meaningful and boost the overall culture, which can reduce turnover.

Career Advancement and Promotion Plans

Creating formal career advancement and promotion plans that include ongoing training is highly effective when trying to improve retention. Most professionals have career aspirations beyond their current role. Showing the company will help them achieve those goals, employees are more inclined to stay long-term. When you design the plans, create customized paths that connect every existing position to one or two above them. By doing so, you can adjust the training to meet the unique needs of each employee category, making the coursework more relevant and shortening timelines by removing unnecessary modules.

Leadership Training for Managers

The effectiveness of supervisors has a significant effect on the employee experience. Motivation, engagement, and frustration build when a boss doesn’t use the right strategies. In turn, turnover usually rises. Offering leadership training to managers is a straightforward way to impact retention positively. HR can ensure that supervisors use approved techniques when overseeing their team, allowing them to align all manager efforts with the company’s culture and preferences. Plus, they can provide tips to help bosses identify employees at risk of leaving, such as those headed toward burnout, and guidance on correcting the course to keep a worker on board. Ultimately, HR is well-positioned to enhance retention by offering training strategically. As a result, HR professionals should immediately embrace the power of movement, putting them on the path toward reduced turnover as soon as possible. At Clarity, we have over 30 years of experience in L&D, giving us the knowledge and expertise to provide support and guidance to help your HR department offer training options that dramatically boost retention. Clarity can be your candidate search ally if you’re trying to expand your internal L&D team, connecting you with top talent when needed. Contact us today.  

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