Examples of Organizations Who Have Top Business Training Programs
There is a real war for talent occurring today. Many companies are already operating with lean staff, due to high attrition rates and not replacing staff, not to mention downsizing as a result of a difficult economy.  In this kind of environment, focusing on worker retention and cross training to make existing workers more efficient makes a lot of sense.  Everyone is trying to do more with less, and to help them achieve this goal, organizations are leaning in to their learning and development programs to help them fill that gap.
The popular career website Glassdoor.com lists the Top 25 Companies to work for based on career opportunities, the top 7 we list here:
1. Bain & Company
Headquartered in Boston, MA, Bain & Company is listed as the best place to work in Glassdoor’s 2019 awards list. They are one of the world’s leading consulting firms with a truly global presence. They work hard to attract and retain the best candidates who are encouraged to make an impact in a highly supportive environment. Their unique personal development support is said to be second to none.
2. Boston Consulting Group
Boston Consulting Group is another global management consulting firm that is a world leader in business strategy and professional development. Employees describe the environment as an excellent training ground to learn business fundamentals and gain exposure to multiple industries.
3. McKinsey & Company
McKinsey & Company are also known for their phenomenal training programs and have consistently been listed as one of the best places to work in the U.S. Their team of global management consultants serve private and public companies, governments, not-for-profits, and non-governmental organizations to help clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance.
4. Guidewire
Guidewire is a California-based company whose employees have a lot to say about how supported they are. They develop market-leading insurance software that works together to enhance insurers ability to respond to industry changes and empower customers, agents, and employees.
5. Edelman
Employees of Edelman say that it is a great place to work with great opportunities for advancement and professional development. They are a global communications marketing firm based in New York City, and work with many of the world’s largest emerging businesses and organizations as they work to evolve, promote and protect their brands.
6. Booz & Company
New York based consulting firm Booz & Company, now known as Strategy&, was formed in 2014 with a focus on providing strategy-through-execution business services to help global clients solve tough problems. They are described as a great place with top-notch people, with access to the best leaders in the industry and opportunities to get a broad professional experience.
7. Suncor
Suncor is said to offer limitless opportunities to learn and define your own role and career path. They are based in Calgary, Alberta and are considered to be Canada’s premier integrated energy company.
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