Enhanced Keys to Project Management
[feat-img-left] Being savvy in project management makes a big difference for corporate professionals in the learning and development environment. Understanding the keys of project management, while also understanding how technology plays an important part in the learning platform is essential. There are a number of factors that play a role in effective project management, but placing a priority on those that are often overlooked can help create a more useful and interactive platform. Pinpointing these keys and capitalizing on them will enhance project management efficiency.
Properly defining the scope
For best results, project goals, objectives, and benchmarks should be delineated after the scope has been narrowly defined. Understanding the expected outcomes of the project will help put everything into perspective and puts everyone on the same page.  
A direct key to effective project management is fully engaging your audience. A good project manager is intense while staying interactive to keep everyone on task, interested, and productive.  
Tracking Time
It’s important when outlining a project to keep the time in mind. How much time needs to be devoted to the development of the project? How much to the planning? How much to the execution? How will the audience react to the time constraints or modules that engage more of their time? All of these play a factor when putting together a successful platform for the project.  
Emphasis on progression
Being communicative is important. Every participant and person involved in the project should be frequently updated on where the project is, what should be taking place, and any changes or enhancements needed. Participants should be supported in working collaboratively toward a successful outcome.  
Complete understanding
Making sure your entire team has a thorough understanding of the project and can comprehend the project on a number of levels is integral to the successful management and learning outcomes that will occur throughout the program.  
How can companies ensure these keys are taken into account?
1) Put together a workable structure. A complete and workable structure is one that is well-thought out, reviewed, monitored, and maintained. 2) Have a viable plan in place. From start to finish, the plan must work with each element and module to ensure a seamless delivery. This goes beyond the scope and includes detailed tasks, any resources needed, measurable objectives, outcomes and deliverables, stakeholder concerns, and risks involved. 3) Make sure the Project Manager has the skills needed to get the job done right. There are a few skills that must be present in order for a project to run smoothly. In learning and development, these include:
  • Having a thorough grasp on the subject matter: Taking the time to know the information on a higher level than the engagement target is key. Good project managers can be versatile and present the materials in a variety of ways based on the type of group they are representing.
  • Effective communication skills: Being able to present information successfully in an engaging and effective way is one of the most important skills needed as a project manager. Good project managers can assess their audience and shape their content based on the feedback they receive. Good project managers are also able to communicate with management and other stakeholders in meetings and disseminate pertinent information on where the project stands.
  • A high level of organization: Being organized is a primary requirement of effective project management. This helps to create the standard and structure in which decisions and modifications will be made.
  • Proper management of time: Being aware of the time needed to get things done holds a lot of weight in effective project management. Proper utilization of time creates better productivity and an efficient work environment.
By taking the time to understand how these enhanced keys all work together, project managers can effectively assess, manage and deliver stellar results.

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