Employee Retention. The New (Old) Reason to Provide Great Training and Learning Opportunities
Employee retention is a primary concern for many organizations, particularly in the aftermath of the Great Resignation and the pandemic. Many companies are struggling to not just find the candidates they need to fill vacant positions but to keep their best and brightest on staff. While there are several factors that impact turnover – including salaries and company culture – there’s one part of the equation that many organizations overlook: the training they offer. While it might not seem like learning opportunities should make a substantial difference, they often do. If you’re wondering why or want to know how you can improve your training to boost employee retention, here’s what you need to know.

Why Training Boosts Employee Retention

Training impacts retention for several reasons. First, many professionals thrive when they face healthy challenges at work. Skill acquisition and refinement often require problem-solving and analytical thinking, all while allowing them to put their current capabilities to the test. Second, learning opportunities are engaging. It gives them a chance to explore the unknown and see what they’re capable of, which can be incredibly rewarding. Finally, training shows that a company is willing to invest in its workforce. The organization is supporting the growth and development of its employees, a move that can boost loyalty and job satisfaction. It’s also a potential differentiator, allowing a company to position itself as an employer of choice. Ultimately, if employees are able to access learning opportunities at work that allow them to advance while at the company, there’s often little reason to look for jobs elsewhere. As a result, retention improves.

How to Offer Training That Improves Employee Retention

If you want to offer learning opportunities that boost employee retention, then you need to look beyond the basics. Annual safety courses or cybersecurity refreshers won’t cut it if retention is your priority. Instead, you need to develop training that allows them to hone relevant skills based on their current job and broader career aspiration. One way to determine which capabilities are worth focusing on is to identify skill gaps in your organization. Along with ensuring the company can create the talent it needs to thrive, it allows employees to explore capabilities they don’t possess and that provide value to them as a professional. Similarly, skills that allow them to work more efficiently or harness an emerging technology are worth considering. This can streamline their workdays or keep them at the forefront of their field, both of which work in the employee’s and the company’s favor.

Are You Ready to Update Your Training to Keep Your Best and Brightest Engaged?

Engaging, career-boosting training is a key to improving employee retention. If your learning opportunities aren’t designed to elevate the capabilities of your workforce, an update might be necessary if you want to see exceptional results. At Clarity, we have nearly 30 years of experience in L&D, giving us the knowledge and expertise to update your training to ensure it is engaging and effective. Plus, if you’re trying to expand your internal L&D team, Clarity can be your candidate search ally, connecting you with top talent right when you need them. If you want to partner with leading L&D professionals, Clarity Consultants is here. Contact us today. This is 12 1
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