Customer Confidence in Your Brand Is Most Influenced by Your Employees – Here’s Why
When it comes to customer confidence in your brand, it isn’t your products or services that make the biggest difference. Instead, your employees are the largest contributing factor. If you are wondering why your employees have the biggest influence on customer confidence, here’s what you need to know.

Customer Confidence Is Built By Touch-Points

The Customer Experience

When it comes to perceptions of a brand, the customer experience plays a huge role in how a company is viewed. Customers will reflect on their interactions with your staff, using those encounters as a basis for their overall opinion. Even if your products or services are exceptional, poor customer experiences can effectively negate any of that goodwill, resulting in a negative perception of your broader brand. However, if a customer has an issue with your product or service, a fantastic customer experience can override that as well, restoring a customer’s confidence in your offerings. As a result, employees have a significant impact on customer satisfaction. By ensuring they feel empowered to solve problems, prepared to handle conflicts, and supported enough to maintain a positive mindset, your workforce can ensure customer confidence in your brand remains high.

Employee Happiness

While the customer experience is usually what shapes brand perception, employee happiness is a major contributing factor to great customer service. Dissatisfied and disengaged workers aren’t going to go the extra mile for your customers. Additionally, they may care less about their attitude while working, increasing the odds that they’ll come across as indifferent, annoyed, or even hostile when dealing with challenging customer-related interactions. In some cases, their disinterest may be applied to your products or services as well, causing them to portray them as less enticing when they discuss them with customers. When your workforce feels supported, valued, and engaged, they typically maintain a great attitude, even in the face of work-related adversity. As a result, their interactions with customers tend to remain positive, staying upbeat and solution-oriented as they work to ensure customer satisfaction. Further, happy employees are more likely to present your products or services in a positive light. They will feel more confident about extolling the virtues of your offerings, partially because their good feelings about the company end up imbued on the products and services when they speak about them. As a result, they make customers more confident about moving forward with a purchase, as well as the brand as a whole.

Do You Want to Update Your Training to Improve Customer Service?

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