The Challenge

Helping a Fortune 500 Company Serve Customers Better

The client is a leading Fortune 500 company that is dedicated to serving their customers better. They were preparing to launch a new division that would be responsible for customer service.

Quickly Training a Large Workforce for a New Division

The company needed to find an efficient method of quickly getting thousands of employees up to speed on the new systems and processes. They were looking for assistance with developing the content as well as designing and delivering the courses quickly and effectively.

The Solution

Expert Assistance Required to Ramp Up Quickly

The client knew they would need to bring an outside vendor on board to develop and execute a training plan; it was a matter of deciding who could do it best. They had trainers on staff but needed to augment their team to assist with a project of this size.

Clarity Consultants quickly became a front runner because of our learning and development expertise, high-quality trainers, and ability to quickly scale up and down as needed.

Collaborating and Creating a Training Solution

Clarity developed a solution that would provide the professionals needed to deliver the training over the course of the multi-year initiative. A total of 20 trainers were hired and deployed to work in concert with the client’s existing training staff. We remained in regular contact with our trainers to manage their performance and provide support.

Training Employees and the Trainers

Week one began with in-person Train the Trainer. This process focused on giving existing and new trainers an overview of the materials so they would be able to teach employees effectively. The trainers were then broken into groups assigned to support different workflows. Once in their small teams, the trainers helped build out the content further and develop the multi-day courses. Once the content and courses were fully developed, our Trainers began delivering training virtually.

The Results

Training Goals Achieved on Time and Within Budget

The Client was pleased that Clarity Consultants was able to ensure the appropriate employees were thoroughly trained in time to deploy the new system. The process was seamless and efficient and enabled the employees to serve customers with consultants.

Solution Quickly Scaled to Demand

Clarity hired new trainers at multiple points throughout the project to manage peak demand for training sessions.

Turnover is common in projects of this nature, but with our customized recruiting strategy, we were able to tap into our talent bench of more than 600 trainers and reach out to our extended network to find experienced trainers with strong technical acumen, previous experience with specific systems, and the ability to perform effectively with the ambiguity of this project.

Communication and Collaboration was a Priority

We stayed in constant communication and supported our trainers along throughout the entire duration. We addressed any concerns promptly and we allowed the trainers time to connect and share best practices.

Risks and Gaps Were Minimized

Our initial strategy included sending backup trainers through the Train the Trainer program. This allowed us to quickly get a new trainer in place if any of our trainers had to leave the project unexpectedly or needed time off.

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