Change Management Series: How Do You Foster Partnerships in Your Business?
[feat-img-left]In part 2 of our series on Change Management, we would like to talk about partnerships and how they can help you grow your business. Just as in your individual career, your business thrives on the partnerships you develop. There are so many companies in the market today, each with their own specialties, their unique IP, their niche verticals, and their rock star talent pool. Obviously, the nature of competition is competitive but, partnerships are also a powerful marketing tool. How do you build that level of trust and create the win-win collaborations that put your business on another level?
Here are our favorite tips to help you connect.
1. Ask for Feedback
Your partnerships can come from the least likely places, particularly in the learning and development world. The obvious place to start asking for feedback is from your students and trainees, but  also consider reaching out to prospective partners as well. They can provide you with the type of insider perspective and insight that can make a positive difference in your business practice, as well as build the sort of partnerships that will have lasting impact. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Feedback is an excellent tool because: – It provides you with the information you need to improve your product, your processes, and your client interactions while – Strengthening the advisory role and bond between you and your contributors.
2. Network
Networking is a huge part of doing business today. You should always be looking to make that next connection that leads to a sale, but you should also be looking for partnerships during this process as well. Who do you think could help your business reach the next level? How can you get an introduction? How can you provide value to them? Keep these questions in mind while searching for your next collaboration and you won’t be led astray.
3. Collaboration Over Competition
Partnerships are about creating more than what you are capable of on your own. With that in mind, the focus needs to shift to a collaboration mindset. Think about your clients and what they are looking for from you and your prospective associations. How can you team up with other businesses to provide better services to the customers you serve? Of course, a great partnership is one that is mutually beneficial, so also think about how you can partner with someone who would appreciate your contributions as well. Keep your expectations clear and reasonable, outline your partnership agreements in writing so that you avoid the unpleasantness of a good thing turning sour, and think long term with the possibility for future collaborations and opportunities further down the line.
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