C-Suite and HR Should Collaborate to Better Align Training Goals

Today, learning and development is critical for companies that want to stay ahead of the competition. But, often, there is a disconnect between the C-suite and the human resources team, creating a misalignment between the organization’s needs and the training that is offered.

By eliminating this disconnect, your training programs can more effectively assist you in achieving your goals. If you are wondering why the C-suite and HR department should collaborate to better align training goals with your organizational needs, here is what you need to know.

Become a High-Performing Organization

There is a significant correlation between offering comprehensive learning and development opportunities and becoming a high-performing organization. However, training only provides this benefit when the company’s needs are actually met, and that requires some data analysis and coordination on the part of management and HR.

Often, different business segments only understand part of the organization’s big picture. For example, HR may be concerned about recruitment and retention as well as creating promotion pathways for staff to fill higher level vacancies. Members of the C-suite may want to integrate new processes or technology solutions into the business, and that makes new skill sets necessary.

Without collaboration, HR and the C-suite are working toward different objectives, and this can create skill gaps or increase the number of missed opportunities. However, when they communicate and work together, they can align their core missions, increasing the odds of success.

Create the Right Opportunities Based on Your Workforce

HR is typically the most aware when it comes to the composition of your workforce. They know how many employees are working at each job tier and which generations they belong to, giving you powerful insights into what these workers may need and prefer.

When the C-suite collaborates with HR, they can gather information about the nuances of their specific workforce. This allows them to focus on training opportunities that appeal to their teams, which can not only boost performance but also increase retention.

Similarly, since HR is familiar with the kind of professionals that need to be targeted for recruitment efforts, they can make sure that the learning and development options capture the attention of the right type of top talent. By working together, the C-suite and HR can make recruiting easier, lowering the time-to-hire and increasing the quality of the candidates that apply to open positions.

Are You Ready to Align Your Training with Your Real Needs?

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