[Infographic] 5 Ways a Good Change Management Plan Can Help With Your Merger

Mergers can be a scary thing for employees. Did you know that 20% of employees voluntarily leave after a merger announcement

A good training and change management program before, after and during a merger can ease the transition and help you keep the best employees around.  

5 Ways Change Management Can Help Your Merger

1. Increased Communication
2. Unity
3. Stops the Gossip Train
4. Accepting Change
5. Reduces Stress
Are You Searching for Change Management Professionals Who Can Help With Your Merger?

We can help. We have over 25 years of experience and more than 35,000 consultants. Our consultants have proven skills and an above-average success rate at preparing effective training and change management programs. Contact us to get started on a comprehensive, forward-thinking change management plan for all phases of your merger.

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