Digital learning uses new technologies that enhance employee training. It can make learning more convenient, relevant, and effective, and may be more economical than conventional training. Instead of taking employees away from their jobs to a classroom, digital learning can bring training to the desktop, mobile device, or even the factory or warehouse floor. Digital learning includes augmented reality (AR), video, and gamification. Courses and modules can be stored in the cloud and accessed 24/7. No need any longer to buy and store cassettes, videotapes, CDs, and DVDs. Clarity Consultants has over a quarter century of expertise in placing elite Learning and Development pros—experts in effective, leading-edge training techniques—with global organizations. Now we’ve written a guide to help you:
    • Understand the benefits of digital learning
    • Learn about the new trends and options
    • Get an overview of the technologies and how best to use them
    • See how to integrate digital learning into your training program
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