Sales Enablement

Empower Your Sales Team to Achieve More

Is your sales team consistently meeting their quotas and goals? Are your sales reps closing as many deals as they could?

Your sales organization relies on you for resources and training to help them sell effectively. We’re here to help you support their success. Clarity’s sales enablement experts will work with you and your sales professionals to:

Objectively evaluate your operations, processes and tools and offer recommendations on what you can improve.
Identify key industry trends to capitalize on new opportunities.
Close leaks in your sales funnel.
Develop resources and processes to scale teams and sales success.

Empower your team to close more sales.

Trust our team to make your sales organization more effective.
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Sales Enablement Consultant Profiles
  • Samreen – Sr. Learning Professional

    Samreen – Sr. Learning Professional

    Samreen is a Sr. Learning Professional with extensive experience delivering corporate training in a classroom setting to various audiences on various topics. She has served such companies as Siemens, AMN Healthcare, eMeter, CNN and others. …Read More »
  • Ann – Training Development Consultant

    Ann – Training Development Consultant

    Ann is a seasoned Training Development Consultant with over 25 years of experience designing and developing effective learning solutions. She has worked for a variety of companies including Baxter, Amgen, State Farm, BankOne, Motorola, US …Read More »
  • Lisa – Strategic Learning Consultant

    Lisa – Strategic Learning Consultant

    Lisa is a strategic Learning Consultant with more than 18 years of experience in the strategic planning and execution of corporate learning initiatives, with specialties in sales enablement and leadership development.Read More »
Our consultants have successfully trained the top corporate sales teams from:

Sales Enablement Expertise

Our network of resources and expertise can fill your sales enablement needs with high quality talent at any time.

Competitive Analysis

Using proven methods such as playbooks, battle cards and buyer persona guides, we’ll help you and your team stay two steps ahead of the industry trends.
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Sales Coaching

We’ll help your team develop a variety of key sales skills, including business planning, time management, competitive strategy, web marketing and prospecting.
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Sales Methodologies

Our team can help you implement proven frameworks such as value selling, challenger sales, and consultative selling – or, we can help you develop an entirely custom sales methodology that draws on best practices.
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Shorten ramp-up times and improve new-hire productivity using techniques like self-directed learning, cloud-based tracking systems and on-the-job assignments.
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Mobile Learning

Our SCORM-compliant training allows employees to stream video lessons, access updated product information and complete certification exams – from any device, anywhere.
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Training Tools

Our suite of customized training tools can help you find your competitive advantage, create marketing materials, track data and educate and manage your sales team.
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eLearning Design and Development

We use a self-paced learning system that is tailored for your sales culture. Interactive lessons include animations, simulations and quizzes that have been proven to help maximize retention.
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Management Development

Learn how to keep your sales team motivated and give them the tools they need to meet and exceed their sales targets. Hone your management skills in areas like team building, activity-level management and measurement, sales-skill assessments and results tracking.
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