Clarity Writer Cleans Up Help Files for Waste Company

Challenge A leading waste services company upgraded its internal technology systems with new software. The software was purchased out-of-the-box, and few modifications were made prior to implementation. As a result, the online help needed to be customized to meet the company’s needs. Opportunity A technical writer was needed to write new online help files during the software implementation. Clarity provided a technical writer who had experience with purchasing applications, had a background in accounting and inventory management, had written many online help projects, and was comfortable using only HTML code to create the help files. Results The writer created the HTML help files within the client’s five-week time frame. He added significant value to the organization by recommending that the original HTML code be maintained rather than deleted or overwritten. The writer used a comment out process to preserve the original code but prevent its display. This recommendation also ensured that the original HTML code would be available to support future modifications and thus maximize the client’s investment in the new software. Clarity enabled the company to: • Have relevant help content available to users of the new software. • Ensure that the help files would be easy to update in the future. • Realize results within a short timeframe.

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