Clarity Aids Diagnostic Testing Company in Assuming New Identity

Challenge Quest Diagnostics (Quest) is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic testing, information, and services that range from routine blood tests to complex, gene-based and molecular testing. Rapid growth and acquisitions in recent years have strengthened Quest’s leadership in its field, but left the company with multiple brand identities under its name. With this project, Quest initiated a company-wide re-branding effort designed to:
  • Unify the company’s strengths
  • Highlight Quest’s global leadership
  • Bring its diverse capabilities and people under a single brand.
Opportunity An internal Quest team developed a new visual identity for all company communications, with a new logo, palette, imagery, and verbiage, as well as standardized cross-platform style sheets. Careful market research helped the team determine how best to represent Quest in a changing healthcare marketplace and how to create recognition and trust inside and outside the company. The next step was introducing the change. Company management contacted Clarity for a consultant to design an intensive, one-day training program for more than 100 internal and external stakeholders. Clarity’s consultant, an Association for Talent Development (ATD) Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP), had a strong background in instructional design, experience with the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and many skills and innovative ideas that could add value to the project. The consultant helped Quest’s internal team turn raw content and learning objectives into a one-day training program that was challenging and fun. The accelerated learning design maximized retention by using the interactive methods that work best for today’s corporate learners, incorporating networking exercises, breakout groups, and motivational presentations. The consultant also created a reference guide that was introduced to participants as a resource for using the new branding standards on the job. Results Post-training surveys showed a “phenomenal” response from participants. The training addressed the ways in which people want to learn today—clear objectives, relevant content, and an enjoyable format. The training was also a good time for networking, so that stakeholders could feel a sense of camaraderie and collaboration.

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