Clarity Provides Diagnostic Services to Healthcare Leader


Novo Nordisk, an international healthcare company, wanted to update and improve its onboarding, training, and evaluation programs.


A specialist was needed to conduct needs analysis, determine best practices, benchmark assessment programs in similar companies, and review possible eLearning modules. Clarity provided a leadership development and organizational effectiveness expert with instructional design competency.


The consultant first created a survey for distribution to participants in the peer and sales management onboarding programs. For the Leading High Performance Teams training program, the consultant researched the latest literature on emotional and social intelligence, provided reading material (including preparation and follow-up) for managers attending the training, and provided a detailed final report that included suggestions for improvement.

After reviewing the technical literature on assessment center exercises and researching best practices, the consultant wrote a report in preparation for planned changes in the assessment center. The project was a success. The consultant was able to provide management with the information they needed to make a series of decisions regarding how to improve the existing training and onboarding programs.

Clarity enabled the client to:

  • Benchmark its onboarding, training, and evaluation programs against industry best practices.
  • Implement the consultant’s recommendations regarding how to improve its programs.

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