Clarity Enables Manufacturing Company to Improve Its Performance Management System

Challenge MTS Systems Corporation, a leading provider of testing and sensing solutions, opted to revise its existing performance management system to better reflect a more modern approach to business. Opportunity A successful implementation of this new performance management system necessitated fully aligning the revised process with related processes in compensation and individual development planning. A consultant was needed to format the five existing training modules and ensure consistency with the new system. Clarity provided an experienced instructional design consultant with performance management knowledge to work on the project. Results The instructional designer met with MTS managers to learn about their project needs and played a consultative role in prescribing a solution. Although not part of the original request, MTS Systems concluded that the value added from using an instructional design viewpoint would enhance the effectiveness of the training modules. As such, facilitator guides, participant guides, and presentation materials were developed for five modules and successfully implemented with a much stronger adherence to adult learning principles and a high standard of alignment across each module. Clarity enabled the client to: • Roll out a new performance management system. • Deliver effective training on the new system to employees.

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