Clarity Helps New Store Managers Learn the Ropes

Challenge A FORTUNE® 500 juvenile products retailer needed management training materials specific to the company’s culture. Opportunity The project goals were to create training materials to help new managers understand the company’s policies, procedures, and culture; teach them to use their systems efficiently; and train them to implement various programs. Management requested two of Clarity’s instructional design experts to research local operations procedures and develop training materials for new managers. Results After a three-day orientation to the company, Clarity’s consultants met with a variety of subject matter experts (SMEs) across the country during site visits. Using information from the SMEs, the instructional designers developed student workbooks, leader guides, visual materials, and modules for the management training. They uploaded information to the company’s website, teleconferenced with SMEs to ensure accuracy, and met all milestones and target dates. Clarity enabled the company to: • Get new managers up-to-speed quickly on company policies and culture. • Have training available to field locations when new managers are hired.

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