Clarity Solidifies Granite Construction’s Management Skills

Challenge Granite Construction (Granite), one of the largest civil contractors and construction material producers in the United States, wanted to get its managers up-to-speed on the latest in leadership development training. The company uses two programs that consist primarily of Development Dimensions International (DDI) training materials. The programs are offered to Granite managers and employees in two-day sessions, so they can complete the training and apply what they have learned on-the-job before continuing with another two-day session. Opportunity Because the construction business is cyclical, Granite employees attend training during project lulls. The company needed a skilled DDI facilitator to help deliver training to managers and employees within a short time period. Clarity assigned a senior consultant who was experienced in program facilitation and certified for DDI training programs. Results The consultant joined internal Granite trainers as a co-facilitator. To immerse herself in Granite culture, the consultant researched the company’s background and talked with employees after training sessions. The consultant increased her effectiveness as a facilitator by making the examples used in class more relevant to the training participants. Clarity enabled the company to: • Augment its L&D staff with a skilled DDI facilitator from Clarity. • Maximize project downtime by training managers and employees.

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