Clarity Helps Sanitation Company Branch Out with Field Training

Challenge A global sanitation supply company needed an interactive video to provide its sales force with technical and soft skills training. Opportunity The client had developed most of the content for the video, but needed an instructional designer to create the video structure and a facilitator’s guide. Facilitators would be using the video as a teaching tool in a classroom setting, so they needed to be able to pause the video at certain points and branch into different scenarios as needed. Clarity provided an instructional designer skilled with interactive video format. Results To ensure that the video and the facilitator’s guide supported all of the client’s learning goals, the consultant attended content development meetings and gathered information about the video’s intended use. The video helped field representatives learn about the scenarios and customer conversations that could arise in the field. The instructor guide included breakout discussions in which the representatives could practice responding to scenarios. The client was so pleased that it used the framework that the consultant designed on other projects. Clarity enabled the client to: • Better prepare field representatives for customer inquiries. • Utilize the new interactive video format for future courses.

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