Clarity Helps Pharma Giant Get to Market Quicker

Challenge A global pharmaceutical company needed to streamline its product launch process to improve its time to market. Management realized that redesigning the process would improve workflow, facilitate communications across departments, and reduce product launch costs. Opportunity The company needed help training its employees on the new launch process. Although the initial training would be instructor-led, the training programs needed to be converted to a Web-based delivery format for future training efforts. To design and develop these training programs, Clarity provided two instructional designers with experience using graphics and visual aids to explain complex processes. Results The consultants created an overview chart of the streamlined process and a detailed, instructor-led training program that explained how to lead and work in cross-functional teams. They also designed a manager’s toolkit to help company leaders teach and provide support for the new process. The program was designed to be easily converted to a Web-based training format for new employees who joined the company. Clarity enabled the company to: • Get employees up-to-speed quickly on the new processes. • Provide product launch training to new employees online. • Reduce its time to market due to the compressed launch cycle.

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