Clarity Helps Retail Chain Manage Change

Challenge CVS pharmacy, a retail drug store chain, needed to train its management on new software. All levels of management―assistant managers, store managers, department managers, and warehouse staff―needed to be trained on the new software, which shifted the emphasis from store-level to district-level controls. Opportunity Because of some understandable resistance to technology changes and reduced store-level control, the training required a skilled classroom facilitator. Clarity provided a facilitator experienced with software training and change management initiatives. Results The consultant observed a weeklong training event in one of the Los Angeles districts and was certified as a trainer. The consultant prepared for and delivered a series of three-day classes to the San Diego district, emphasizing the new software’s benefits to store management and warehouse staff. Course evaluations were overwhelmingly positive, and the company requested the consultant’s help on a subsequent project. Clarity enabled the client to: • Minimize resistance to a new software roll-out. • Get four levels of management up-to-speed quickly on new technology.

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