A FORTUNE® 50 retailer had an extensive array of documented processes and standard operating procedures housed in multiple internal websites, document storage sites, and paper-based manuals. This situation created confusion as to where an employee could find up-to-date information on standard operating procedures. It also made updates extremely difficult and hindered training efforts.


The client opted to develop an online template using SharePoint® for all standard operating procedures across the various departments in the company. This effort required many technical writers to write hundreds of standard operating procedures using the new template and track the documents through an extensive review process. By standardizing the documents and placing them online with a single point of access, the client hoped to reduce the time and expense required for updates, improve standardization of procedures, and eventually use the procedures for training purposes. Clarity placed a team of experienced technical writers on the project. Some of the technical writers worked onsite, while others telecommuted. Clarity also had to respond quickly to the project’s changing needs by removing and adding resources as required by the client project manager.


The technical writers worked alongside client personnel to develop hundreds of standard operating procedures, using a SharePoint site template for the initial versions. The procedures were developed after reviewing source documents that, in some cases, had been highlighted by a subject matter expert. These source documents were converted into both procedures and support documents. Because of strong project leadership and adequate resources, the project was completed in approximately three months. A subset of the technical writers was then asked to serve as a quality assurance team to review all the completed standard operating procedures. The team was responsible for ensuring compliance with a final set of template standards, naming conventions, and other writing guidelines that had been modified throughout the project due to the needs of various departments and the many writers on the project. When the quality assurance review was completed, the client prepared to pilot the new standard operating procedures in selected markets.

Clarity enabled the company to:

  • Standardize its operating procedures.
  • Make all of its policies and procedures available to employees in one place online.
  • Complete the entire project within a three-month timeframe.

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