Mead Johnson & Company (Mead Johnson) has been a respected global manufacturer of infant formulas and nutritional products for more than 100 years. Mead Johnson required a qualified science writer to help research and write a scientific paper on allergic diseases in infants up to age three as the diseases relate to dietary intake of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids. The paper was intended for submission to peer-reviewed scientific journals and had to meet the highest standards of accuracy and integrity.


The peer-review process helps ensure that scientific publications are vetted with the utmost objectivity for factuality. This project required the services of a proven science writer who was qualified to collaborate with Mead Johnson scientists to create a paper that would uphold Mead Johnson’s reputation and be of value to the scientific community. The final document needed to be readable and produced quickly. Clarity Consultants provided a science writer with a Ph.D. in medical anthropology from the University of California Berkeley/University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine. She had more than 25 years of experience in medical communications, pharmaceutical research analysis, and healthcare planning and implementation. The consultant’s expertise in medical writing and editing, research, curriculum development, and health education made her an indispensable collaborator on the project. She worked remotely in close collaboration with a principal investigator, held teleconferences and reviews to meet benchmarks for progress, and respected the client’s sometimes unpredictable schedule. The scope of the work evolved as well, requiring the consultant to adapt as findings emerged. The project lasted approximately 75 days, which included reviews and changes.


The study broke new ground in the field of pediatric nutrition. Raw data had to be codified, analyzed, and documented as a clinical study. The consultant’s knowledge and experience met the rigorous professional standards required for a smooth, productive collaboration. The paper was published in the October 2011 issue of Pediatric Research.

Clarity enabled the company to:

  • Submit a paper on the clinical study to a peer-reviewed journal for publication.
  • Maintain its reputation within the scientific community in the field of pediatric nutrition.

Consultant Quote:

“My client was evolving the process and the hypothesis as we proceeded, and, of course, had other work to do, so I had to be flexible.”

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