Clarity Provides Facilitators to Deliver iPad Training

The Challenge

Conducting training sessions in 32 different locations across the United States

Our client, one of the largest specialty retailers and distributors of professional beauty supplies, needed facilitators to conduct iPad training for their Territory and District Managers across the United States. The training content had already been created by the client, but they had no way of effectively delivering the training in a short period of time. Our client identified 32 different training locations but only had four weeks to complete the training events. Since only four weeks of training was needed, our client decided to outsource instead of hiring full-time facilitators. The client believed eight facilitators from Clarity were enough to cover all 32 training events. Since the content had already been created, Clarity’s facilitators were required to attend a week long training seminar to become familiar with the training materials before project kickoff. The Solution
Consultant teams disperse across the country to deliver training
This was Clarity’s first engagement with this client, so they were impressed to learn that Clarity has over 25 years of experience with deploying elite facilitation professionals in high-demand positions. First, Clarity created a strategy to bring together the right team of consultants for the job and we had to act fast in order to hit our client’s hard deadline. Once we identified eight qualified facilitators, these individuals set off to partake in a train the trainer course at corporate headquarters that brought them up to speed on our client’s expectations and training materials. After our facilitators completed their week-long boot camp, Clarity divided them into four teams of two. Each team was responsible for conducting a two-day training event in eight different cities. There was very little time to waste since the facilitators had to travel by air from city to city. The goal of each training event was to teach 24 Territory and District Managers how to operate and troubleshoot any issues with the iPads as well as comprehend our client’s online system. After each two-day training was completed our facilitators swiftly moved to the next city. The Results

Expanding into our client’s Canadian operations

After having success with the first few training events, our client was thrilled. Clarity received positive feedback from the Manager of Training & Development and Program Manager, and our client asked us to conduct the same training for their Canadian managers. Since Clarity has a large presence in Canada, we were excited to expand the relationship. Outsourcing allowed our client to quickly deploy facilitators in Canada without the overhead and onboarding burden. Clarity was an ideal fit for this project because of our speed and efficiency at delivering expert facilitators with experience specific to the subject matter. Clarity’s consultants were ready to start at a moment’s notice to help deliver these important operational training events and we did so effectively.

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