CareFusion’s market-leading medical technologies, services, and instrumentation help the global healthcare industry improve the safety and quality of care. Now a stand-alone company, CareFusion was eager to implement its own automated systems and create its own corporate culture. New computer programs for performance management, compensation, and talent management would help CareFusion’s Human Resources (HR) department streamline its administrative procedures, set clear paths and metrics for performance management and career advancement, and help eliminate data lost to ad hoc communications protocols. The challenges were:
  • Develop effective media to train the majority of CareFusion employees how use the new enterprise-wide programs.
  • Train HR staff to use the new streamlined employee records
  • Reinforce CareFusion’s identity as an independent entity.
  • Instill employee confidence in the company’s future and alleviate concerns about the transition.
  • Execute the training program within a 90-day window.


With no time to train, CareFusion needed a consultant who could provide value from Day One. Clarity Consultants provided an instructional designer with extensive experience in technical writing, project management, and documentation development. The consultant was responsible for creating documentation and instructional training presentations to be delivered in live seminars with speaker support and in computer based training to the desktop. Topics included self-evaluation, goal setting, and using the new enterprise-wide reporting systems. Many training modules were customized for specific CareFusion locations worldwide. HR managers and personnel received training media regarding performance reviews, talent management, and compensation. The HR service center was given scenario-based scripts that anticipated employee questions, such as “How do I log into the tool?,” “How do I assign a merit increase % or merit increase amount?,” and “If an employee in my hierarchy recently transferred to my organization, how do I decide what their merit increase should be?” The media were delivered in familiar formats for accelerated acceptance and use.


During the three-month assignment, the consultant provided online and instructor-led materials that helped smooth the transition from the company’s previous identity to its new one. The documentation and instructional training presentations provided practical tools to help employees clarify their own objectives going forward and to participate effectively in CareFusion’s success. The variety of training media addressed a range of learning methods and functions and helped unify the employees’ efforts toward clearly articulated short-term benchmarks and a long-term vision. New methods can be disruptive for longtime employees, but these training programs helped build confidence and initiated improved ways of operating. CareFusion achieved centralization, efficient workflows, and improved recordkeeping. The new systems were implemented smoothly, which helped the company streamline its internal communications and upgrade its HR documentation for succession planning and talent management. The consultant’s experience training adult learners enabled her to think in terms of both technical accuracy and the emotional impact of training on longtime employees. The consultant was able to strike a tone of supportiveness and encouragement that balanced the urgency.

Clarity enabled the company to:

  • Streamline its HR processes and upgrade recordkeeping procedures.
  • Improve internal communications.
  • Orient employees to a new company culture in a supportive environment.

Consultant Quote

“Change management is a very sensitive area of communications, and employees tend to worry about the messages. My tasks included understanding the questions many people were hesitant to ask and helping the client anticipate them.”

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