Carnival Corporation, one of the largest vacation companies in the world, had a simple need: encourage travel agents to use its new automation process on its website. The company’s overall challenges, however, were more complicated: appreciate the context of change in the travel industry, encourage those who could benefit from the change, and maintain Carnival’s good relationship with travel agents.


Clarity offered a solution beyond the strict parameters of the task. The business writer assigned to Carnival had experience in corporate communications and creating collateral for internal and external audiences at Microsoft, HP, American Express, Transamerica, and other market leaders. In addition to her writing and journalism skills, the consultant brought professionalism and inquisitiveness to a task that required exceptional sensitivity. Many travel agents were slow to adopt Carnival’s new automation, so the consultant created emails, newsletters, and messaging that emphasized business benefits, ease of use, and improved quality of service. Some travel agents were concerned that Carnival’s web presence would negatively impact the traditional travel agency model, so the messaging reinforced Carnival’s commitment to the industry.


Clarity’s consultant produced timely, engaging communications, including online newsletters, welcome letters, and case studies with consistent message points and themes. Her change management expertise in a variety of industries was essential to the project’s success. She researched the travel industry and learned the latest trends. The communications she created helped strengthen the relationship between Carnival and its travel agents in a situation where questions and resistance had to be addressed tactfully and honestly.

Clarity enabled the company to:

  • Communicate a consistent message to a valuable audience—its travel agents.
  • Overcome the travel agents’ resistance to use new technology.

Consultant Quote

“When you’ve done this for as long as I have, you learn to ask about more than the strict parameters of the task. You want to understand the higher objectives, the context, the business climate, and the underlying purposes being served. I asked lots of questions, read industry articles, and immersed myself in Carnival’s business.”

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