Clarity supported Zebra’s migration to a blended learning environment

The Client

Zebra Technologies creates printing devices for labels, plastic cards, tickets and receipts; related labeling supplies such as thermal ink ribbons; and software for label design and printer network management. Zebra’s extensive portfolio of barcode, receipt, kiosk and RFID printers and supplies, as well as real-time location solutions gives a digital voice to assets, people and transactions that provides greater visibility into mission-critical information.

The Challenge

With a global workforce in a rapidly evolving industry, Zebra Technologies asked Clarity for help in developing training tools and resources for new hires. They needed blended media that could be available to them not only at the start of their Zebra careers, but also on an ongoing basis, accessible wherever the employee happened to be.

Originally that assignment comprised a section about various Zebra systems and resources to support managers. As the assignment evolved, this section was broken out into a separate course on performance management cycles, their leadership framework, employee transfers, expense approvals and other employee-related tasks for onboarding new executives. For both courses, the goal was to; first, provide understanding of Zebra’s industry, its business, and its culture; second, to define its strategic goals and value proposition; and third, to prepare the learners to make their expected contributions.

Being new to blended learning media, Zebra’s Human Resources Team sought a seasoned designer of corporate learning experiences to assist in designing and developing its first e-learning course. The company could supply some content and make subject matter experts available, but the consultant’s experience with similar training for new hires was considered crucial to the success of the project. Zebra needed a focused, diplomatic self-starter with corporate experience and personal collegiality who could contribute from day one.

Solution: What Clarity Did

Clarity’s consultant was a veteran with a Masters in Instructional Design and over 15 years’ experience in training, curriculum development and learning media for Fortune 50 market leaders and public sector clients. A particular asset for Zebra’s needs was the consultant’s experience in adapting instructional media for a variety of budgets and audiences.

The consultant was tasked with leading Zebra through the process of adapting a week-long classroom-based onboarding curriculum into training that mixed classroom time and online media, and which kept current with Zebra as the company underwent internal changes in a rapidly-evolving industry.

Results: The Outcomes

The consultant’s deliverables included an Instructional Strategy Document, an Instructional Design Document, and then course development in Captivate 6.0. Alpha and beta versions of the training were provided, and finally the completed published courses and their source files were delivered.

The training prepares the learner for the Zebra culture, helping them understand the organization structure, highlighting the key Zebra vertical markets and functions and accelerating the new hire’s contributions to the company. The medium fulfills Zebra’s need for a user to return independently and refresh their learning online. All deadlines were met and the feedback from learners indicates a successful training program that is engaging and substantive for Zebra’s needs. After delivery the consultant remained involved with Zebra to help overcome systems integration issues with the company learning management system.

Clarity enabled the client to:

  • Implement a training program for new hires
  • Migrate its training programs to a blended learning environment

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